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What if I skip/miss a workout?

It is important to complete all workouts in the VIVO 360° program because it is systematically designed to promote rapid changes within your body. However, if you do miss a workout, get back on track with the next workout.

Is it OK for me to workout on my day off?

If you would like to workout on your day off, we recommend doing light cardio and stretching. Keep in mind, if you are working out 5-6 times per week, your body needs rest to recover. Options for activities on your days off may include washing your car, going for a walk, or cleaning your house.

What if I do not have any energy to workout?

There may be times when you lack motivation or energy to workout. This is where VPX products such as Redline, Meltdown and NO Shotgun come in handy. Keep a positive attitude and be reassured that by starting your workout you will feel energized and you will be able to complete your workout.

When should I workout?

This will depend on your schedule. Many people love to workout in the morning to get energized for the rest of the day. Others like to wait until after work, or even during their lunch break. Set a time that is comfortable with you and your schedule.

Can I replace doing cardio or HIIT Training with yoga or any aerobics class?

Interval training is a main component for rapid fat loss in VIVO360°. Although aerobics classes may provide you with a good workout, unless it is an interval cardio class it may not be used as a replacement. Yoga is not considered interval training; therefore you may do yoga on your days off.

When do I stretch?

It is very important to stretch after your workout. VIVO 360° provides you with a specific stretching sequence for each workout. Follow the workout program as directed.

If I feel dizzy, should I still go workout?

Please consult your physician if you are feeling dizzy or lightheaded before working out.

Should I continue with my workout if I feel dizzy or lightheaded?

 If this occurs, stop working out immediately and consult your physician.

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